2023-08-29 Two new papers will be on arXiv soon – stay tuned!

2023-08-29 Honored to be selected to attend the EECS Rising Stars 2023.

2023-08-11 Honored to be invited as a speaker and panelist at GT/Emory NeuroAI Summer School.

2023-06-03 New paper Half-Hop: A graph upsampling approach for slowing down message passing was accepted by ICML 2023.

2022-11-09 I will join Apple Machine Learning Research (MLR) for a 6-month internship next year (from Jan to Aug).

2022-09-14 Two of our papers Seeing the forest and the tree: Building representations of both individual and collective dynamics with transformers and MTNeuro: A Benchmark for Evaluating Representations of Brain Structure Across Multiple Levels of Abstraction were accepted by NeurIPS 2022!

2022-08-10 I had the great honor to be invited to the Computational Neuroscience Center at University of Washington (UW-CNC) to give a talk about my research.

2022-05-30 Our paper Building representations of different brain areas through hierarchical point cloud networks was accepted by MIDL 2022. This project is completed by Joy Jackson, an amazing undergrad that I mentored!

2022-05-16 I will start an internship at Cajal Neuroscience this summer.

2021-11-12 Two of our papers Using self-supervision and augmentations to build insights into neural coding and Mine your own view: A self-supervised approach for learning representations of neural activity were accepted by NeurIPS 2021 Workshop: Self-Supervised Learning Theory and Practice. Check them out here.

2021-09-28 Our paper Drop, Swap, and Generate: A Self-Supervised Approach for Generating Neural Activity was accepted by Neurips 2021 for an oral presentation (less than 1%).

2021-05-24 I will start an internship at Facebook this summer.

2021-05-20 Our paper Multi-scale modeling of neural structure in X-ray imagery was accpeted by IEEE ICIP 2021.

2021-02-19 Our paper Mine Your Own vieW: Self-Supervised Learning Through Across-Sample Prediction is available on arXiv now.

2020-07-10 Our paper A generative modeling approach for interpreting population-level variability in brain structure was accepted by MICCAI 2020. You can view the project in our project page Brainsynth.

2020-06-04 Our paper A generative modeling approach for interpreting population-level variability in brain structure is available on bioRxiv now.

2020-01-10 I joined Prof. Eva Dyer’s lab.